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Welcome To Valcore

With over 700 healthcare management organizations in Illinois and Indiana alone, choosing the right practice infrastructure and most effective management can be daunting. “One-stop” efficiency is why we offer one of the most comprehensive practice management menus available. Valcore Business Solutions was founded by Vicki Valentine with single-minded dedication to a fundamental ideal:

Service customized to the specific needs of our client practices with a keen eye on your growth strategy and an unwavering commitment to cost containment
Continue customizing and changing those services as you grow, anticipating your changing needs and challenges
Unparalleled service attentive to the operational challenges you face in an ever-changing medical environment
The power of advanced management tools in your hands to give you better control over your revenue cycle

With 3 decades’ cumulative experience in practice and healthcare management, we offer turn-key management of medical group and ancillary healthcare practice start-up. Even if your practice is well-established, our services in credentialing, medical billing, accounting and management can save you precious time and money. Explore this site for more details on how our services work for you.

Why Valcore?

Flexibility. We’ll work closely with your in-house staff in billing, office management, and administration keeping operational control under your purview while outsourcing functions that keep your practice lean and cost efficient. As you grow and your needs change, we can shift more or fewer management functions to your “office-away-from-office” here at Valcore.

Management Tools. From practice launch to continuous quality improvement to driving improved efficiency standards in your practice, we’ll put customized advanced management tools at your disposal. They aren’t unnecessarily complex. They don’t require a user handbook. They work, and we’ll stand with you through implementation.

Attentive Service. Valcore guarantees your satisfaction with our service. We have remained small enough in size and philosophy to bring you a level of attention unmatched by most practice management firms. We’ll work with you through implementation of your strategy until your goals are met. We’ll change course when it’s not working, and re-evaluate your needs regularly.

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